By teaching others, you teach yourself.

The financial markets fascinate me, they give information that the masses have no desire to conceptualize or care about. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of personal discipline, self-reliance and accountability that being a full-time trader represents. I enjoy the empirical way of seeing progress and being able to look at failure as a necessity not an adversary. This website will provide you with daily market analysis from a trader's point of view, at no cost. It's totally free. 


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A technical breakdown of intraday and daily price charts.

Comprehensive visual 

Price Action breakdown.

"Anything can happen / You don't need to know what is going to happen next to make money / There is a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that define an edge / An edge is nothing more than an indication of a higher probability of one thing happening over another every moment in the market is unique. " - Mark Douglas, Trading in the Zone (2000)




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