My name is David Evans. Like many others I have ventured into trading the financial markets full-time. I have gone down all the rabbit holes and short-cuts into becoming a full-time trader and thought I would use this forum to post all my trades in the futures/options markets as well as my analysis. 


I trade intraday in the U.S equity futures markets. The four contracts I trade are /RTY Russell 2000 Futures, /NQ Nasdaq 100 Futures, /ES S&P 500 Index Futures, /YM Dow Jones Futures on a 15- minute price chart. I trade (4) options contracts (calls/puts) VXX, SQQQ, UPRO, TQQQ) on a daily chart. I am constantly learning from mistakes and improving as a trader daily. All my trades and point and percentage gains/losses will be posted in the blog as well daily analysis and review of market action, and market insights. Everything on this site is free as I want to improve and receive feedback and grow as trader. 



David Evans 

CEO & Founder

Onward Strategies 

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